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2012 Season Champion
Quincy Smith - Crate Heavy and BSP Super Heavy

Smith Racing Team Final Points Results
Shelbey Smith - 2nd Champ
Gimp Campbell - 3rd Crate Heavy
Joel Campbell - 2nd Crate Lite

June 2nd
Thunder Ridge Raceway

A race recap as remembered by Gimp

    Tonight had its series of ups and downs. For starters, Quincy made his first appearance in Sr Champ tonight. Rough start too I must say, heading out in his heat race without first having check the air in the tires. Guess the ole crew chief/ driver can't do it all on his own. But hey, he was racing three different classes and tuning three karts to boot. He did manage to muster a third place finish in his first Sr Champ Feature so good job Q.

       Now for the rest of the Ironmans endeavors he also competed in both Crate classes tonight. Giving up 50 lbs to the rest of the Crate Lite class he did run up front for a short bit. But that juggernaut that is his teammate, Joel, wasn't having it. For that matter niether was his daughter. Making her first appearance in a class she enjoyed much success in last year, Shelbey battled at the front all night. Joel takes 1st followed very, very closely by Shelbey taking 2nd for the one, two punch on the Crate Lite finish. Quincy holds on for a 5th place finish while as for me, I rode around on parade in the back of the pack. Posting a 13th place finish out of 18 karts wasn't bad since my kart developed a horrible miss. But it kept me from playing up front with my teammates.

Crate Heavy or Chapter 3

      Quincy and I imediately followed the Crate Lite race with the Crate Heavy race. Still running with a miss I had nothing for them. Quincy gave it the ole college try but came up short posting a 2nd place finish leaving me 3rd.

      International Medium

   And here we'll find our teammate J.R. running this class without Quincy to beat and bang with tonight. Getting the hang of it, though his posted finish of 5th does not reflect, J.R. will soon be a force to be reckoned with. Keep at it J.R..

        So there you have it, nothing flashy but far from boring. Team Smith will continue to push forward and the wins will come flowing in from all divisions.

May 26th
Thunder Ridge Raceway

Shelbey Smith - Champ 1st
Quincy Smith - International 2nd
JR Holt - International 4th

Race recap:  Shelbey started from the back in the heat and ended up with a photo finish for 2nd.  After starting on the outside front row and taking the lead from the outside spot, she led every lap taking the win.  I had a breakdown on the first lap of the heat and started 6th in the feature, made it to 2nd but by the time I got there 1st place was gone without enough time to catch him.  JR had a solid 4th place finish and continues to get faster each week.  The Campbells were MIA tonight due to a different event for future racer Aubry.  The entire team will be at the track next weekend!

May 12th
Thunder Ridge Raceway

2nd Points Race of the year (Feature results only)

Shelbey Smith - Champ 3rd
Quincy Smith - Crate Heavy 1st  /  Intl Heavy 2nd  / Intl Super Heavy 1st
Gimp Campbell - Crate Heavy 2nd
Joel Campbell - Crate Lite 3rd
JR Holt - Intl Heavy 6th

Race recap:  Shelbey had a little problem in the heat race which put her in the back for the feature but made it from 7th to 3rd by the end.  I (Quincy) did the Iron Man again and raced 3 classes, tough battles in each race with a lot of rubbing and banging, but came out on top in one, got another one due to the race winner getting DQ'ed by tech, and after a huge battle from a starting postion of 5th to claim 2nd in the toughest race of the night.  Gimp had a tough night in Crate Heavy with several battles during the race to end up 3rd.  Joel's streak of wins finally came to end with another tough race for the night, made a lot of passes but tonight wasn't his night finishing 3rd (Can't win them all, but i'm sure it will be a short dry spell).  J.R. had a 6th in Intl Heavy, but was a big part of the battles though out the race, even left a little red paint on my kart!  Still waiting for the points to be released, but Team Smith is holding top 3 spots in 5 of the 7 adult classes at Spring City, no other team comes close, now that's DIGGIN!

Aubry hit the track for her first test run, word around the track is we have another hot shoe ready to take another class hostage by our team!  Contact us to be the first sponsor before it's too late... 

May 5th
Dumplin Valley Raceway

Quincy Smith - BSP Heavy 4th in the Spring Shootout (still learning the setup for this track, will be back for the fall shootout)

April 28th
Thunder Ridge Raceway

Very low turnout tonight; myself, Joel, and Gimp all had wins... 

April 21st
Thunder Ridge Raceway

Shelbey Smith - Sr Champ Heat Race 5th and 3rd in the Feature

Quincy Smith - Crate Heavy Heat Race 1st and Feature 1st / Intl Heavy Heat Race 5th and Feature 2nd / Intl Super Heavy Heat Race "Skipped" and Feature 1st

Joel Campbell - Crate Lite Heat 2nd and Feature 1st

Gimp Campbell - Crate Heavy Heat DNF / Feature 2nd

JR Holt - International Heat 6th and Feature 6th

Shelbey started in the back of the Champ Heat race and had a tough time getting by a kart and finished 5th with no time left to advance. She started 5th in the feature and worked her way to 2nd, holding of Johnny Sliger until the 3 laps to go mark with a solid finish of 3rd. Joel battled through the field in Lite to get up to 2nd in the heat, and after chasing Tiffany through the first half of the race, made his passed and checked out for another feature win. Gimp fought tire issues all night and came off the track during the heat, after making a brief run for the lead in the feature, a bad vibration in the front tire hampered his chances for 2-peat. JR Holt had solid runs in and out of the top five for both races and was taken out by me in the heat. I did the Iron Man thing again; good runs in Crate Heavy and got the win at the scales with the leader not making weight. Intl heat race was terrible due to not dropping the air pressure after strecthing tires (cause of taking out JR) but once i dropped the pressure for the Feature it was on and I was diggin with many battles through the race and posting another 2nd was solid; can't seem to get a win during a feature in this class! Ran back to back features trying my hand at the new Super Heavy class, was able to get the lead early and even though i lost it after a yellow, regained the lead a couple of laps later for the win. We just need a Junior driver in our ranks to start our Spring City "Take over" in all classes and I'm looking forward to the arrival of the newest driver Aubry in the coming weeks. This will add another "cute driver" to our ranks, which we believe will add to the frustration level of more guys when they see the "you just got passed by a girl" sticker!

April 7th
Thunder Ridge Raceway

Shelbey Smith - Crate Lite Heat Race 6th (Quincy Sub in Feature 4th)

Quincy Smith - Crate Heavy Heat Race 1st and Feature 2nd / International Heat 2nd and Feature 2nd

Joel Campbell - Crate Lite Heat 2nd and Feature 1st

Gimp Campbell - Crate Heavy Heat (DQ Scales) and Feature 1st

JR Holt - International Heat 5th and Feature 4th

Tonight was rough for Shelbey, she was battling back pain and limped around the track for the heat and did not return. I had a blast in International starting 7th in the heat and working my way up to 2nd, but didn't have enough for the winner tonight in either the heat or feature. Ran for Shelbey in Lite and had a photo finish at the line for 4th, as well as following Gimp around for a 2nd in Heavy. Joel continued his winning streak in Crate lite after attempting to head on crash with me at the start (video can be seen at youtube qkart44 channel) but got the kart going in the right direction for win number 2 in 2012. Gimp won the Crate Heavy Feature for his first win in 2012 with a very comfortable lead. JR Holt chased his setup all night, but was involved in a four kart battle and came out in front of that 1/2 of the field for a solid 4th in a very tough class.

March 31st
Thunder Ridge Raceway

Shelbey Smith - Crate Lite Heat Race 1st and Feature 2nd / Champ Heat 3rd and Champ Feature 1st

Quincy Smith - Crate Heavy Heat Race 1st and Feature 1st / International Heat 1st and Feature 3rd

JR Holt - International Heat 5th and Feature 5th

Tonight Shelbey had great runs in both classes, very close battles with Tiffany Woodal in Crate, and Shelbey chalked up her first Champ Feature win in only the 2nd outing!

March 24th
ThunderRidge Raceway, Spring City

Joel Campbell - Sweeps heat and feature races in Crate Lite!

Shelbey Smith - Battles to a 4th in her heat race, and 3rd in her first Champ Race

Gimp Campbell - 2nd in heat and feature in Crate Heavy

Quincy Smith - 5th in heat and 4th in feature in International

JR Holt - 6th in heat and 5th in feature in International

Tonight Joel got his first win in feature race, and Shelbey held on to 2nd in the feature until the last lap; she was the only girl in the race, and there were 8 grown men crying on the way home wondering how that little girl whipped their butts!

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